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About Tank & Trigger Sprayers

For larger projects Paint Supply stocks a selection of multi-purpose tank and trigger sprayers.

Deck sprayers provide easy application of liquid chemicals to patios, decks, stairs, railing and other outdoor surfaces.  The plastic tank comes with a handle pump that can be used to store pressure.  The pressure is then released with the extension trigger sprayer to the desired target surface. This tool reduces the chance of having your skin come in contact with chemicals such as wood strippers and heavy duty cleaning agents, reducing the chance of skin irritation from chemicals.  We stock a variety of hose lengths for different industry needs.

If its not a trigger sprayer you’re needing we carry a large selection of paint supplies and other equipment that will make your projects run smoothly. We carry a variety of basic supplies and equipment like paint brush combsandpaint bucketstopaint mixersandpaint strainers.